Is borrowing Short Term Loan the right option for you

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Loan 18/02/2019 12:01pm
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Financial emergency pops up at any time in anyone’s life, without any prior notification. Money plays an integral role in everyone’s life. Everyone is not blessed with enough funds every time. With having restricted monthly income to rely on for day to day unavoidable expenses, it becomes hard to arrange money for unplanned expenses. This situation left you with no choice but to apply for a loan. With plenty loan options available in the market it becomes hard to find the right one. Rather than rushing into borrowing, you must understand your requirements first. Ask yourself, how much amount do you need and for how long. Making a smart choice will prevent you from putting yourself into severe financial condition later. Let’s check out is borrowing short term loan the right option for you or not-

Ahead of applying for a loan, you should check out the total cost of each short term borrowing option available. Also, you need to be clear about whether you are signing up for a secured or unsecured form of loan. Work out quickly how and when you will be able to pay back the borrowed funds to the lender along with interest charged. It is also important to search for best lenders that can provide you a preferable loan with affordable rates and terms.

There are some urgent needs that demands quick fix and thus you may plan to take up a short term loan for filling the gap between your restricted monthly income and unplanned expenses. Through a short term loan, you can easily access fast cash in hands to deal with small unexpected medical bill, buying groceries for home, handing sudden car or home repair expenses, funding child’s school or tuition fees and small other miscellaneous expenses.

It is important to know that short term loans carry higher rate of interest. It is because they are offered for a short time span of a month only without pledging any collateral. They can be an expensive borrowing option for many who cannot afford to pay back the loan amount on the agreed date. Also, it is not worth risking your credit score for such a small loan amount. Failed or missed payment will result in increased interest charges and huge penalties. So, if you are totally sure of making repayment on time then only short term loans will be considered right option for you.

Qualifying for a short term loan is quite easy. All you will have to do is having a legal age of at least 18 years or above and need to be regularly employed in a reputed company with earning fixed income at the end of every month. In addition, you should also be holding valid active bank account in your name that accepts direct deposit.

Be realistic about what exactly you want money for. You just can’t opt for a loan when you can easily adjust some of the expenses. In fact, you can first try to ask for help from friends and relatives and can take up some advance from your employer to avoid taking up a loan. Taking up a loan has to be your last resort and not the only option. Understand the fact that you need to figure out if you can able to bear those interest charges every much in advance and not after taking up a loan and failing to pay them back on time. Any loan can turn out to be even more expensive if extended.

Look for several lending options and borrowing patterns available before jumping on anything. A wide variety of short term loan options from several different lenders and from different platforms are available to choose from. You can apply for loans through both offline and online ways. You will find abundance of lenders available who offer variety of short term loans at competitive rates and terms. You should read every lender’s terms and conditions for loans and must also collect loan quotes from free from different online lenders and then compare them. Furthermore, you should always do a good research and careful comparisons to find out a suitable loan plan that best fits your requirements.

All those people who are in dire need of cash can relate to short term borrowing options to get over with temporary financial crunch with ease. Such loans are not just known for providing quick monetary assistance, but even let you stay away from any lengthy paperwork, tedious documentation and collateral pledging formalities. Once your loan is approved, you will get the funds directly into your bank account in just few working days. Lenders will not even put any kind of restrictions and obligations over the usage of borrowed cash.

Moreover, you should also realize the fact the better your credit rating, the more competitive the deal you are likely to be offered. With a good credit score, you are likely to get a loan with affordable rates and terms and with bad or no credit history at all, you will be getting the loan with comparatively higher interest rate. Lenders will check your credit score first before deciding on loan approval. This is how they can determine your credit worthiness.